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  • Discover a new life in
    the bible
  • Let scripture
    interpret scripture
    The bible will only be understood in these last days
    when it is read precept upon precept, line upon line.
  • Tested, proven
    & trustworthy
    The bible stands alone in the ranks of books as the
    only necessary manual for the existent creation.

Your personal precept concordance

Based on the understanding of verses in Isaiah 28:9-10 stating how scriptures will be taught in the last days because the children of the promise would have forgotten their heritage and identity and all the history they ought to have known.

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A Precept is a general rule intended to regulate behaviour or thought. The scriptures are replete with precepts tackling every facet of life, exactly as you would expect a manual to be written... but beyond better. Explore every day.

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